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CHANGES meeting January 2012 Enschede, The Netherland


 Name of the course  TS01B - Multi-hazard risk assessment
Date  16 - 18 January 2012
Location  ITC, Enschede, The Netherlands
Course Programme Course programme and participants
First part: Quantitative risk assessment            

Introduction to Nocera area (Dr. Settimio Ferlisi, University of Salerno)

Multi-hazard risk assessment (Dr. Cees van Westen, ITC)            

Case study text

Second part: Spatial Multi Criteria Evaluation

Introduction to Spatial Multi Criteria Evaluation  (Dr. Dinand Alkema, ITC

Exercise text

Third period: Decision Support Systems            

Introduction to Decision Support Systems (Dr. Luc Boerboom, ITC) 

Fourth period: Seminar on climate change and risk managemen                        

The IPCC SREX report on managing risk to climate extremes  (Dr. Maarten van Aalst, REd Cross Climate Center)       

Flood risk and spatial planning (Dr. Nico Pieterse, PBL)

Risk considerations in policy development (Cheryl de Boer, UT Twente)