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Changes-ITN People The CHANGES network intends to employ 12 Early Stage Researchers (each for 36 months) and 3 Experienced Researchers (for 24 months). The consortium fully exploits the complementary expertise of the different teams through a plan of secondments of ESRs and joint appointments of ERs. As a result of this, the appointed ESR/ERs will sample diverse aspects of the field of hazard and risk assessment and thereby develop a well-rounded training, and will also be actively involved in one of the private partners. In addition, this will actively promote transfer of knowledge within the network.

Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

ESR-01: Thea Turkington

  • Topic: Translation of the results of climate change models to expected changes in triggering conditions of hydro-meteorological hazards.
  • Host: ITC, Secondments: CCRM and PLUS

ESR-02: Korbinian Breinl

  • Topic: Development and application of probabilistic models for flood hazard assessment at regional and local scales.
  • Host: PLUS, Secondments: ITC, Geomer.

ESR-03: Romy Schlögel

  • Topic: Development and application of probabilistic models for mass movement hazard
  • Host: CNRS. Secondments: CNR and IGRAC.

ESR-04: Ziga Malek

  • Topic: Analysis of expected changes in ecosystems and land use patterns in relation to climate change and future economic development.
  • Host: IIASA, Secondments: CCRM and PC-FVG.

ESR-05: Roxana Liliana Ciurean

  • Topic: Expressing uncertainties in vulnerability and value of infrastructure, buildings and land use to hydro-meteorological hazards.
  • Host: UNIVIE, Secondments: UNIL and R&D

ESR-06: Haydar Hussin

  • Topic: Design of a tool for probabilistic risk assessment of hydro-meteorological hazards.
  • Host: CNR, Secondments: ITC and ERN

ESR-07:Veronica Zumpano

  • Topic: Development of a method for constructing risk scenarios and risk maps with associated uncertainties.
  • Host: IGRAC, Secondments: UNVIE and Geomer

ESR-08: Kathrin Prenger-Berninghoff

  • Topic: Use of risk information in Strategic Environmental Assessment and spatial planning.
  • Host: IRM, Secondments: TUDO and R&D

ESR-09: Zar Chi Aye

  • Topic: Development of an internet-based Decision Support System for the use of risk information in risk reduction.
  • Host: UNIL, Secondments: ERN and AS

ESR-10: Vivian Juliette Cortes Arevalo

  • Topic: Emergency preparedness and early warning scenarios based on the outcomes of the probabilistic risk assessment.
  • Host: CNR, Secondments: TUD and AS

ESR-11: Teresa Sprague

  • Topic: Comparing risk governance strategies for different EU countries.
  • Host: TUDO, Secondments: IRM and IIASA

ESR-12: Marie Charrière

  • Topic: Risk communication with a focus on risk visualisation tools.
  • Host: TUD, Secondments: CNRS and PC-FVG

Associated PhD: Catrin Promper

  • Topic: PhD in associated project ChanginRisk.
  • Host: UNIVIE 

Additional Early Stage Researchers

ESR-13: Vera Andrejchenko

  • Topic: Development of web-based SDSS
  • Host: PLUS

ESR-14: Kaixi Zhang

  • Topic:  Development of a web-based SDSS
  • Host: ITC

ESR-15: Roya Olyazadeh 

  • Topic: Development of a web-based SDSS
  • Host: UNIL
ESR-16: Irina Cristal
  • Topic: Development of a web-based SDSS
  • Host: TUDO

ESR-17: Julian Berlin

  • Topic: Development of a web-based SDSS
  • Host: TUD